Innovative Prototype & Production Solutions

Providing complete metal fabricating, laser processing, stamping, machining, welding and assembly projects for a wide variety of products.


We set the industry standard for quality and innovation in the sheet metal fabrication industry. Our comprehensive set of services integrates cutting-edge equipment with a workforce capable of transforming your concept into a well-priced product that exhibits an elevated level of quality.

CNC Machining

Precise CNC machining services for the production of competitively priced components. We operate advanced machines that are equipped with a number of innovative features that ensure high precision and economical operation. We provide complete in-house fabrication of fixtures and gauges.


Tapping into our capabilities early in the process provides significant benefits. Our strong technical background and intelligent strategies help improve product manufacturability, optimize material usage and decrease overall cost.

High-quality engineering services at competitive prices. We have some of the best manufacturing technicians and welders the industry has to offer.

We are an ISO-certified facility that provides the highest quality work. Our shop proudly surpasses many industry and company standards.

Offering superior laser cutting capabilities and versatility. Our lasers possess many configurations and can operate on a broad array of materials.

We utilize a number of prototype methods as well as in-die processes to create simple and complex forms with critical features within exacting tolerances.

For many of our customers, finishing is the most important step in fabrication. We offer many different types of finishing to suit your various needs.

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Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We’re known for working around the clock to achieve customer satisfaction. Let our combined 100 years of expertise speak for itself. Our company looks forward to satisfying your immediate needs.

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Located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, we’re a leading custom metal job shop with many industry-leading capabilities. We manufacture precision metal fabrication for a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, appliance, automotive, military, medical and theater/amusement.


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