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CNC Machining Service

Our CNC machining offers unique advantages to manufacturing companies of all sizes. Work with our state-of-the-art facility to complement your existing manufacturing line, or outsource your prototyping or end-use production as you grow your business. Review our equipment, capabilities and common materials used in machining applications.


At Fusion Fabricating & Manufacturing, we’re equipped with CNC machining designed for versatile projects and high part output. Here are the machines we use to produce your precision components for the automotive, appliance, aerospace, military and other industries.

Vertical Machining

The Fadal 4020 and other equipment at our Sterling Heights location use vertical machining to create traditional CNC components. Vertical machining is a common option to drill, contour, plane, keyway cut and slot components. Turret and bed mills both work to cut and shape your work materials for precision results.


Just like a manual lathe, a CNC lathe sheers away exterior layers of a material to create a precision cylindrical part. Use lathe CNC machining to create simple wooden items, like table legs, and can also be used for precision gun barrels and automotive components. Work with our design team to program a CNC lathe for prototyping or end-use production.

Boring Mills

Our boring mill creates or enlarges holes in your work pieces. This service can be used in the rough or finishing stages of your manufacturing process. Thanks to the dynamic tooling and accurate drilling of a CNC boring mill, you can create accurate holes in extremely large or extremely small components.

CNC Machining Service Advantages

Augment your existing manufacturing process or ask about our comprehensive CNC service capabilities. Here are a few advantages you can enjoy when you update or expand your production line with state-of-the-art CNC equipment.

Rapid Prototyping

Other manufacturing equipment requires more time and energy to create a prototype. Because of the versatile tooling and convenient programming capabilities of our equipment, CNC machining is a prototyping solution that offers a low cost per unit.

Efficient Tooling

CNC equipment can operate with virtually any tooling you need for your specific industry. Most CNC machines allow for rapid tool replacement through quick-change tool holders and other fixturing solutions. Reduce the time it takes to retool your equipment to accelerate your production of complex components.

Precision Production

CNC machine precision tolerances are incredibly higher than manual machining and can even outperform more other manufacturing methods. High production precision is not only a critical aspect of some industrial manufacturing facilities, but can reduce the amount of workplace errors and inefficiencies.

Scalable Performance

From a single prototype to a million-part order, our CNC machinery at Fusion Fabricating & Manufacturing is perfectly scalable to your needs. Our equipment can be quickly tooled and prepared for any scale of project. Review our gallery of components to see how our range of CNC machines can create simple or highly complex components.

Common Materials Used in CNC Machining

Our CNC shop covers a significant range of materials for your manufacturing needs. Aerospace, military, automotive and other industry production requires specialized materials, so work with our team to create the custom components you need with these common materials or other, specialized options:

  • Steel alloys: 1018, A36, 4130 and more
  • Aluminum alloys: 6061, 2024, 5052 and more
  • Stainless steel alloys: 15-5, 18-8, 303 and more
  • Copper alloys: 101, C110, 260 and more
  • Titanium alloys: Grade 2, Grade 5 and more

These are just a few examples of the many alloys and other materials that can be used in your manufacturing process. Discuss your options with our team at Fusion Fabricating & Manufacturing to prepare our production line for your particular material.