Fabrication Service

Work with our team at Fusion Fabricating & Manufacturing to identify your fabrication goals and schedule a service. From a single, custom order to a long-term manufacturing relationship, turn to use for cutting-edge equipment, diverse applications and precision engineering.

Applications for Fabrication Services

Fabricating sheet metal typically involves three stages. Depending on your industry and your particular project, your chosen material usually undergoes these three steps before becoming a fully fabricated component:

  1. Remove material: Your workpiece must be cut into the basic shape of your final product. This step can be accomplished with a cut off band saw, jig table, chop saw or drill press. Your workpiece may require multiple cutting equipment, so work with Fusion Fabricating & Manufacturing for complex manufacturing processes.
  2. Form or deform material: Most workpieces are formed into a three-dimensional shape in this stage of the process. This process turns flat sheet metal into a piece that’s ready for assembly.
  3. Assembly materials: Welding and a range of fasteners connect your cut and formed pieces into a complex product. Our Mig and Tig welders create smooth, dependable welds to hold together various components. An assembled workpiece is now ready for final polishing, painting or other finishing steps.

Ask about finishing steps and the optimal products for your particular sheet metal products. Sheet metal can be finished with a powder coat, chem film, anodize, silver plating or other finishes.

Most finishing processes begin with thorough grinding or sanding, which we can perform with our fabricating equipment. Each process has its own pros and cons, so carefully consider your finish requirements and discuss your choice with our team before we begin the sheet metal fabrication process.

Our services are suitable for automotive, military, appliance, aerospace and other industries. Discuss your product specifications to see how our efficient services and affordable rates help you grow your business.

Common Materials

Our fabricating services use a range of sheet metals to create dependable components. Identify the ideal material you need for specific components in your specific industry. Here are some common considerations as you select an alloy for your component:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Conductivity
  • Strength
  • Weight

These factors should be weighed carefully as you compare steel, aluminum and copper alloys. Selecting your material can affect the ideal cutting and welding equipment used, so our team can assist you in this design step of your process.

Advantages of Industry-Leading Sheet Metal Fabricating Services

You may have in-house fabricating equipment, but there are some projects that are best handled by a specialized service provider. Turn to Fusion Fabricating & Manufacturing for custom components or bulk orders to enjoy these advantages.

Dependable Products

We assist you in sourcing the highest quality of sheet metal for prototypes or end-use fabrication. Innovative techniques and industry-leading equipment come together to give you parts that exceed expectations. From start to finish, work with an experienced company to receive dependable products with every order.

Scalable Business Growth

Fabricating components with sheet metal doesn’t require the same specialized tooling or other setup costs of CNC machining. This allows you to invest in the exact amount of parts you need with minimal additional fees. Scale up your business with sustained growth techniques. Our services start at a single prototype and can reach thousands of parts per order.

Fast Turnaround Times

Delays in fabrication can be costly. Fast estimates and rapid fabricating reduces the time it takes for you to receive your fully finished components. Our rapid turnaround times make our fabrication services a great option if you’re dealing with downed machinery or an unexpected bulk order. Reducing the time it takes to receive fabricated components helps you hit your deadlines and improve your customer relations.